The First Remote Control Car And Its Kind of Power

The First Remote Control Car And Its Kind of Power

The First Remote Control Car And Its Kind of Power – Are you the first remote control game made, if you don’t know I will give the car what was made for the first time.

In 1966 an Italian company marketed a remote control car game in England, a company called Elettronica Giocattoli invented a 250M model toy car that was made in a ratio of 1: 12.

Dasn the same company and then launched the Ferrari P4 model 2 years later, this second RC car comes with a ratio of 1:10.

And at that time the RC car game became a much sought after game, proof that many countries from Europe imported the toy car, because there were many enthusiasts about RC car toys so that an RC car race was made.

The First Remote Control Car And Its Strength

In 1979, in the City of Geneva, Switzerland, the world’s first RC car race was held on the On-Road Gas World Championship, this race was specifically intended for RC cars with a scale of 1: 8. Noted the winner of this competition is a man named Phil Booth from England with a PB Racing car.

And until now RC car games are much sought after by many countries, especially in Indonesia, many Indonesian citizens from adults to children play this Mobile RC, some for racing and also for hobbies.

Existing Power Types in RC Cars

This RC car is now a toy car for hobbies and collections, but did you know that this Mobile RC has three types of power, what kind of power is there in an RC car. checkdotttt ….

  • Electric RC powered car
    Electric-powered RC cars have the advantage because they can show the highest speed in a short time. Speed control on this type of RC car is done using electrical components. The brake system used is also an electrical component that utilizes a magnetic system.
  • Gasoline-powered RC car
    This type of RC car usually uses a mixture of oil and gasoline. Compared to nitro or electric powered cars, this car is indeed not so fast. However, gasoline-powered RC cars have the advantage of being more efficient and more durable engines.
  • Nitro-powered RC car
    Unlike in electric-powered RC cars, nitro-fueled RC cars require time to show their optimal performance, In addition, the engine on this RC car also tends to heat up quickly. To overcome this, there are air conditioners, and sometimes some use oil.


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