Online Gambling Agents Hold MRC Competition

Online Gambling Agents Hold MRC Competition

Online Gambling Agents Hold MRC Competition – A radio controlled car racing competition or abbreviated as MRC was held in an indoor area in the west bekasi area. This event was held to celebrate Indonesia’s independence anniversary on Sunday 16 August at noon. The competition, which carries the theme of the infinity kingdom champion, was followed by RC racers from the national level to the world.

This competition was attended by participants from all over Indonesia and even abroad, including Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and even Australia. And this sponsor celebrating champioan is the largest online gambling agent in Indonesia. The categories of competitions that are competed range from beginner to professional level, in this race RC racers are given a certain time to get the best record of time in the specified lap.

Online Gambling Agents Hold MRC Competition

A committee organizing this competition said to a blog, of course we are proud to be able to hold this activity. According to him, this is the first time that the competition in indoor circuits has been held in this land. Which is where this circuit is the only indoor circuit in our homeland.

Hopefully with this many competitions, the RC community can do a question and answer about all the activities of this race. Many Indonesians still don’t know much about this radio control car. With the competition, people can participate in enlivening this race.

Winner in the competition

The winner in this championship, was successfully crushed by Agustin Brue from Australia as the first winner, Manuru Haruko from Japan in the runner up position. Meanwhile, the Indonesian flagstone in third position.

After receiving the award, Kyle, who won first place, admitted that he was very enthusiastic about participating in the competition held in Indonesia. According to him, the professional level competition that he participated in could improve his ability to control RC cars in every competition.

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