Thunder Tiger Raptor E700 V2 Kit

Thunder Tiger Raptor E700 V2 Kit


Product Number: TT4761K20

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Raptor E700 V2 Kit

The best just got better!

Swashplate: ECCPM(135~140deg)
Fuselage Height:385mm
Fuselage Width: 191mm
Fuselage Length:1277mm
Rotor Blade:690~700mm Req"d
Rotor Dia.:1538~1558mm
Tail Blade: 105mm(9.28") incl"d
Tail Rotor Dia.:280mm
Weight w/o Battery: 2917g
Tail Driven: Torque Tube
Rotor Speed: 2200~2300 RPM
Motor: approx. 510~560KV Dia. : 52mm
ESC: 120A~160A
Gear Ratio (E:M:T): 9.85 : 1: 4.27
Battery: Lipo, 12S (6S x 2) 5Ah, 30C
Battery Dimension: 160 x 50 x 65mm

2014 New Canopy Scheme - Orange/Blue
Improved Autorotation Gears w/Reinforced Rib for More Rigidness
Rounded Vertical Fin w/option Doubler at Leading Edge.
V2 E700 Metal FBL Rotor Grip Set
V2 E700 Main Rotor Grip Posts
V2 E700 Metal FBL Control Lever


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