Traxxas Differential Oil (100K Weight) (.7 Oz (20Cc))

Traxxas Differential Oil (100K Weight) (.7 Oz (20Cc))

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This is a .7oz/20cc bottle of Traxxas 100,000 Silicone differential oil for 1/10th scale monster trucks and 1/8th scale off road buggies. The thicker the oil, the less your differential will "diff out" in the corners, where the two tires will turn at different speeds. Changing the diff oil in your diffs is one of the most important tuning options for off-road monster truck or buggies.

It is not recommened to mix oils of different brands, as the thickness of oils from different vendors of the same Cps rating may vary! Stick to one brand for all your oils, so that you will have a reproducible setup if you need to rebuild your diffs.

Part Compatibility:
Traxxas 1/16 Rally

Traxxas 1/16 Summit

Traxxas 1/16 Race Truck

Traxxas 1/16 Mustang

Traxxas XO-1


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