Team C 1:8 EP Onroad Chassis "GT8LE-RA" 4WD Rally KIT (long version)

Team C 1:8 EP Onroad Chassis "GT8LE-RA" 4WD Rally KIT (long version)

Product Number: GT8LE-RA

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The asphalt alpha leader for the race track. If you have successfully T8(E) buggy as father, you do not need friends - but opponents. With the GT8LE-RA one of the most traditional racing scenes rise and shows what would it means to drive 1:8 size.

Aluminium suspension arm holder
Suspenion arm inserts from polyaramid
LightWeight differential outdrives
Steel screws 10.9 degree
Steel CVD shafts
Saddle-Pack chassis layout
ABEC 5 ball bearings

The design of the GT8LE-RA is the same as that of the GT8LE. Only difference between the two competition on-road chassis, the GT8LE-RA has two long rear body mounts so that the rally body can also be attached properly.

The GT8LE is not a normal convertion from nitro to electric. The chassis layout is built for the optimum weight transfer. The motor position is in front of the middle axle and the battery position is in saddle format.

The 5mm thick CNC machined shock towers were built from 7075 aluminium and provide many positition for shocks and suspension.

3mm 7075 aluminium chassis
5mm CNC machined 7075 aluminium shock towers
19mm aluminium big bore shocks
17mm hex hubs
Insertlock ackermann system
Right- left threaded track rod
4WD all wheel drive
Clear lexan Rally body
Length: 600mm
Width: 300mm
Heigth: 190mm
Wheel base: 360mm
Weigth: 2450g


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