S-Workz Silicone Shock Oil 200 cps 60cc (2oz) Bottle

S-Workz Silicone Shock Oil 200 cps 60cc (2oz) Bottle

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Shock Oil Guide.

Altering the shock oil in the car is one of the easiest ways to affect its on track performance. You can run different oils front and rear to further alter the way the car drives.

Front Shock Oil
By stiffening the front of the car it reduces roll and makes steering response sharper, this conversely makes the car steer less on a low traction surface as the car will push in the corner.

When on a low grip surface you will find increased steering with less understeer though it will make the over steer on power on the exit of a corner.

Rear Shock Oil
Reduces roll of the car making initial corner entry speed higher, looser mid corner but makes car unsettled on rough tracks with sharp direction changes.

Increased grip on the exit of a corner when entering corner.

NOTE. S-Workz oils are measured in CPS which is the correct scientific measurment for viscosity (thickness of liquids)
Some manufacturers use WT which is a non consitent way of measuring oils but to give you some idea below is a guide. NB: 30wt from one manufacurer will vary in comparison to 30wt of another manufacturer so this guide is not definitive. For more information we recommend http://www.twf8.ws/php/tip/shock.html

Shock Oils CPS to WT Guide
200cps 20wt
250cps 22.5wt
300cps 25wt
350cps 30wt
400cps 32.5wt
500cps 35wt
600cps 45wt
700cps 55wt
800cps 60wt


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