Spektrum DX18T 18 Channel Transmitter Only Mode 1-4

Spektrum DX18T 18 Channel Transmitter Only Mode 1-4


Product Number: SPM2810C

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While the Spektrum DX18t tray transmitter is designed primarily for the European market, it brings innovations to RC users that are sure to make it popular with a much wider audience. For starters, it comes equipped with 18 fully proportional channels, voice alerts, a wireless trainer function and extensive programming functions for just about anything you want to fly. It‘s also one of the most comfortable tray transmitters ever designed.

The Spektrum development team has done a fantastic job of balancing its mass and keeping overall weight to a minimum. They’ve also given the DX18t large handrests and optimised the stick spacing so your fingers and wrists stay relaxed during extended periods of use. Other advanced ergonomic features include an integrated shoulder harness, adjustable stick tension, adjustable friction and throttle straps that can be changed without having to open the case.

Stick ends with switches are available separately and the switches can be assigned to any function you wish. The DX18t transmitter also gives you the option of customizing the main switches with different function modules for different applications. Just unplug the old module and plug in a new one.

The integrated LiPo battery provides over 10 hours of operation, and a sophisticated charging system in the DX18t transmitter lets you recharge without removing the battery from the transmitter. The DX18t transmitter features the unrivalled speed and security of DSMX technology that conforms to all European EN 328 standards for 2.4GHz RC systems. It’s also completely compatible with all DSM2 receivers.


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