Sky RC eFuel 50A 1200W Power Supply

Sky RC eFuel 50A 1200W Power Supply

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With 1200W outputs, adjustable output voltage from 15-30V and active PFC, it is the most advanced power supply you will find anywhere. 1200W of output is ideal for a variety of high powered chargers, and three outputs allow you to simultaneously operate multiple chargers or other devices.

An input voltage range of 100-240V makes it ready for worldwide compatibility with no setting required, and the DC output voltage is flexible: simply turn the dial to adjust the voltage to suit your setup-digital readouts give you an instant look at your output voltage and current.

Active power factor correction and a compact frame make this a great power supply to take to the field and use with a generator.


DC Output
One main DC power output, up to 50 amperes, three outputs (up to 10 amperes each) with ON/OFF switch. 1200W output gives you all the power you need to run your high-powered application, or use multiple chargers simultaneously with three sets of integrated banana plug outputs!

Adjustable Output:
Voltage 15-30V

LCD Display
The output voltage and current are displayed on the digital readouts on the front, allowing you to identify the voltage and current at a glance.

AC Input 100-240V
(Worldwide operation)
Worldwide safe operation.

Two USB Ports
5 volts, 2100mA total for iPad, mobile phone, digital cameras etc.

Smart Cooling Fan
It turns on at 50 C automatically.


Voltage: 100-240V AC
Input AC Frequency: 50-60Hz
Output Voltage: 15-30V DC0.5V
Output Current: 50A1A
Current Overload Protection: ? 51A 500MS
Input Fuse: 20A Fuse
LCD Display: Voltage Precision 0.3V
Current Precision: 0.5A
Output Voltage Ripple: < 300mV
Power Efficiency: 89%
Power Factor: > 0.98
Over Temperature Protection: <65?
Cooling Method: Cooling Fan
Operating Temperature: 0-40?
Operating Humidity: 0-90%
Dimensions (L*W*H): 305 x 85 x 170mm
Net weight: 3.08 kg


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