Schelle 12mm 2 Hole Piston 1.6mm Bevel

Schelle 12mm 2 Hole Piston 1.6mm Bevel


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Precision CNC machined 12mm 2 Hole Piston, 1.6mm, Bevel.

These pistons have a 45 degree bevel edge on the bottom side which allows for quicker rebound damping. Lighter rebound damping (rebound= extension) means that the shock can more quickly respond after bumps in the track, keeping the tires from hopping. Also on large jump landings, the lighter rebound damping keeps the wheels on the track as the chassis recovers from bottoming. This translates to added stability and predictablility. We recommend the 2x1.6 in the rear suspension of any 2wd vehicle starting with 30 wt. silicone shock fluid.

These pistons are sold 2 pcs per package and each pair comes with our Shock Piston Tunning Guide. The Tuning Guide explains the handling characteristics of each piston going from the lowest damping (low resistance) to highest damping.

Fits 12mm shocks by Team Associated, TLR, Kyosho.


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