Avid RC8.2 Carbon Rear Chassis Brace Support

Avid RC8.2 Carbon Rear Chassis Brace Support

Product Number: AV1803

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The AVID RC8.2 Carbon Rear Chassis Brace Support AV1803 is designed to help prevent the breaking/tearing of the stock molded RC8.2 brace which is used in the RC8, RC8B, and RC8.2. The molded brace offers the best performance for the vehicle but due to brace having a 5 degree angle placed in it to help clear the radio tray, it can be broken from very bad crash.


It is required to dremel a portion of brace at the top so that the carbon fiber "lollipop" may lay flush in the brace. Please look at the image below for seeing the stock brace first drilled at the bottom, then the middle with it shaved at the top, and the top shot with it installed.
You will also need to use a 3/32 drill bit to drill the holes for the two screws and nuts which secure it to the brace. To get these holes lined up we suggest that you place the lollipop on the brace with a screw holding it in place on the molded brace. Then use the holes in the lollipop as a guide for the holes to be drilled.


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