Maverick Blackout MT - Petrol RTR 1/5 Truck
Maverick Blackout MT - Petrol RTR 1/5 TruckMaverick Blackout MT - Petrol RTR 1/5 TruckMaverick Blackout MT - Petrol RTR 1/5 TruckMaverick Blackout MT - Petrol RTR 1/5 TruckMaverick Blackout MT - Petrol RTR 1/5 Truck

Maverick Blackout MT - Petrol RTR 1/5 Truck


Product Number: MV12404

  • 688.99
  • RRP: 789.99
    Save: 101.00

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  • 1/5th
  • Maverick
  • Ready To Run
  • Off Road
  • 4WD
  • 30cc
  • Pullstart
  • Monster Truck
  • Petrol Power

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1/5th scale Buggy Excitement!

Looking for desert buggy excitement? The Maverick Blackout XB is going to be exactly what you're looking for! With the same hardware as the ST and MT versions, but with a weight-saving single 30kg steering servo, the Blackout XB has the looks and performance of buggies half its size, PLUS the speed and power of its larger brothers! The aerodynamic bodyshell and high-downforce rear wing let the Blackout XB slip through the air while the chunky beadlock buggy tyres let you tear up grass, dirt and mud surfaces with ease!

The range of Maverick large-scale vehicles gets even BIGGER for 2013, with the addition of a huge buggy and truggy along with the venerable Blackout MT monster truck! Awesome 4WD power, a 30cc petrol engine and a bright new look make the Maverick 1/5th scale vehicle family bigger and better than ever! These awesome vehicles are completely Ready-To-Run: all you need to do is add your premixed fuel and drop in the batteries! All three feature a 2.4GHz radio system for glitch-free driving with any number of other RC vehicles - you'll be able to drive all day long with your friends or other racers! The powerful 30cc engine starts with a simple pullstarter cord, and gives you extreme top speeds and jaw-dropping acceleration that will absolutely astound you as the tyres kick up gravel, dirt and mud! The high-RPM, strengthened clutch fitted to the engine will have an extra-long life with fantastic durability.

Huge tyres and durable beadlock wheels give you the traction you'll want on loose surfaces, and the if you're used to 1/10th scale kits you'll be absolutely blown away by the suspension pieces fitted to the Maverick Blackout range. Extra-thick suspension arms and shock towers, extra-long shocks, extra-strong bumpers and other chassis parts all help ensure you won't miss any action out on the track!

Feature Summary:

  • Large scale size - nearly 1 metre long!
  • Full-time 4WD power
  • 30cc pullstart petrol engine uses normal pump petrol
  • High RPM durable clutch
  • Huge multisurface beadlock tyres
  • Fantastic new paint scheme
  • 2.4GHz radio system
  • Extra-powerful steering
  • Smart large scale design with oversized suspension and chassis components


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