Losi Rear Shock Spring Set (3 Pairs) - Mini-T/Mini Baja

Losi Rear Shock Spring Set (3 Pairs) - Mini-T/Mini Baja


Product Number: LOSB1119

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Team Losi now offers a selection of front and rear coil-over springs for their Mini-T oil-filled shocks. The LOSB1117 front and LOSB1119 rear spring sets include a pair of soft, medium, and firm springs each brilliantly powder coated or plated for easy identification. Both sets come carded on a handy tree that keeps them in place and easily identified. Like all Team Losi springs these are precision wound and feature closed ends that have been ground flat for proper operation. Although the springs that are included with the oil-filled shocks are good for general use these new suspension springs allow you to optimize the suspension of your Mini-T for the various types of terrain and handling characteristics you desire.
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