Losi 1:5 5Ive-T Roller 4WD Offroad Truck Roller
Losi 1:5 5Ive-T Roller 4WD Offroad Truck RollerLosi 1:5 5Ive-T Roller 4WD Offroad Truck RollerLosi 1:5 5Ive-T Roller 4WD Offroad Truck RollerLosi 1:5 5Ive-T Roller 4WD Offroad Truck Roller

Losi 1:5 5Ive-T Roller 4WD Offroad Truck Roller


Product Number: LOSB0024

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  • 1/5th
  • Losi
  • ARTR
  • Off Road
  • 4WD
  • No Engine
  • Short Course
  • Petrol Power

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The Awesome Losi 5ive-T 4WD Racing Truck is now available as a Roller and ready to flatten the opposition. Same great chassis and same legendary toughness and driving exhilaration but this time, you get to choose what engine and RC equipment best suits your needs. Race or play? Bash or Comp? Itís your choice and weíve even left the 4-piece bodyset clear so you can finish it up in whatever colours and wild schemes match your personality.

Upgrading to the Losi 5ive-T experience has never been easier. Maybe your existing 1/5 car is getting old and tired or maybe itís just not quite as tough as youíd like it to be? Now you can simply swap out your existing large scale RC electronics and 26-30cc 2-stroke petrol motor and install them into a fresh new 5ive-T and experience the thrill and buzz of surefooted handling and itís durable reliability.

Or perhaps youíre a perfectionist and you want to hand choose and specify the engine, pipe and radio gear yourself in order to create the ultimate 5ive-T where compromise is not an option. You know what you want and you donít want to have to accept someone elseís choice or selection or worse still, pay for something that you donít need. Now you donít have to Ė you can choose to have it your way.

Whatever the reason, thereís never been a better excuse for you not to upgrade with the awesome Losi 5ive-T Roller and its all-wheel driven competition inspired driveline and race optimised suspension geometry.

Factory-built as a rolling chassis, leaving you to finish it off with your choice of R/C equipment, engine and pipe, make a personalised statement with the Losi 5ive-T Roller and finish it off to your own specification to create your perfect dream machine.


  • Large-bore shocks with 7mm shafts and threaded adjusters
  • 5mm chassis with CNC machining for strength and less weight
  • Requires 26-30cc 2-stroke Petrol Engine (Not Included)
  • Roller completion level - fully assembled but requires R/C equipment and engine to complete
  • Adjustable bias dual-disk braking system
  • Extra-large 800cc fuel tank
  • Three tunable sealed viscous differentials
  • Multi-piece beadlock off-road wheels
  • Impact Absorbing Bumpers
  • CV driveshafts included
  • Multi-piece clear bodyshell included


  • Engine Size: 26-30cc 2 Stroke Petrol engine required (not included)
  • Gearbox/Transmission: 4WD Shaft Driven with 3 Differentials
  • Height: 311.1mm
  • Indoor / Outdoor: Outdoor
  • Kit / Ready-Built: Roller - Requires RC Equipment and Engine to complete
  • Length: 965.2mm
  • Receiver Included: None
  • Servo(s) included: None
  • Wheelbase: 609.6mm (24inch)
  • Width: 527mm (20.75inch)
Items required for operation: 
  • 26 - 30 2 stroke engine, battery and compatible charger, radio and AA batteries, servo, receiver, Body comes clear  assembly and painting required.


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