HPI Baja 5B Kraken TSK-b Class 1

HPI Baja 5B Kraken TSK-b Class 1


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  • 1/5th
  • HPI
  • Ready To Run
  • Off Road
  • 2WD
  • 26cc
  • Pullstart
  • Buggy
  • Petrol Power

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Kraken RC and HPI partner to bring you the awesome Baja 5B TSK-b Class 1 racing buggy! Kraken RCís super-cool TSK-b Class 1 adds a fantastic-looking roll cage to bring modern desert racer looks and functionality to the large scale Baja 5B. The Baja 5B TSK-b Class 1 is completely pre-built and ready to drive right out of the box Ė just add fuel for 30-minute runtimes! Itís also completely outfitted with the latest Super Heavy Duty option parts, including driveshafts, front hex hubs and one-piece rear hubs so you can thrash it around the dunes or track as long as you like. Baja 5B and Kraken RC: a partnership made born in the desert and made to drive anywhere!

In the years since the Baja 5B was first released, the number of aftermarket modifications and options released for the Baja has been hugely impressive. Much like the Nitro RS4 and Savage, the Baja 5B has inspired enthusiastic owners to great heights, with the most ambitious hobbyists starting entire companies based around providing options to fellow RC fans. One of the most prominent of the companies providing Baja 5B owners with awesome, head-turning aftermarket parts are the guys at Kraken RC with their amazing Dura cage Modular roll cage!

If all-out race vehicles appeal to you and your friends, the Kraken RC TSK-b Class 1 kit is the perfect Baja kit! The polymer roll cage transforms the Baja 5B into a perfect scale replica of the latest generation of desert racing vehicles: the Class 1, or unlimited category, just like the racing buggies that compete in brutal hardcore endurance races like the legendary Baja 1000, racing for hours across the deserts of the Baja California Peninsula.

HPI Racing are extremely proud to announce a partnership with Kraken RC that will provide large scale enthusiasts with a fully built and painted Baja 5B fitted with Kraken RC roll cages straight from the factory!

These Kraken RC Baja 5B kits will be fitted with the larger capacity, extra-powerful HPI Fuelie 26S engines for extra power and speed, and they'll also have the latest HPI heavy duty suspension and drivetrain parts installed, such as the #105612 24mm Heavy-Duty front hex hubs, #104966 Super HD Driveshafts and #104781 One-Piece Rear Hub for increased durability and decreased downtime for extra-hard off-road racing.


Factory-assembled Ready-To-Run large scale gas-powered buggy
Fitted with Kraken RC TSK-b Class 1 roll cage and pre-painted body panels
Latest Heavy-Duty drivetrain option parts included (may require installation)
Brand new Baja paint design
2.4GHz FHSS radio system with failsafe
Extra-thick aluminum monocoque chassis
Powerful Fuelie 26S 26cc 2-stroke engine
Torx T27 engine screws
700cc fuel tank provides 30 minutes of driving
High flow muffler
8,000 RPM performance clutch
VVC/HD externally adjustable shock absorbers
Long-travel extra-durable suspension
Viscous torque differential
All-terrain racing tires
Super-durable real beadlock wheels
Long wheelbase
Enclosed radio box
External battery charging plug
Adjustable heavy duty racing rear wing
Durable roll cage protects engine
Gunmetal anodizing for super-cool looks
Complete set of ball bearings
100cc of 2-stroke oil included
6V 4300mAh receiver pack and wall charger included
4 AA batteries for transmitter included
Pre-Assembled 1/5th scale 2WD buggy with Fuelie 26cc gasoline engine, 2.4GHz FHSS radio system, 4300mAh receiver pack and painted body. Includes comprehensive instruction manual.

What you need
Regular unleaded petrol
AA Batteries: Four AA for transmitter
Track and maintenance equipment

6.0V 4300mAh Receiver Pack
Multi region charger
One-shot 2-stroke engine oil for 5 litres


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