HPI Trophy Buggy Flux 2.4GHz
HPI Trophy Buggy Flux 2.4GHzHPI Trophy Buggy Flux 2.4GHzHPI Trophy Buggy Flux 2.4GHzHPI Trophy Buggy Flux 2.4GHz

HPI Trophy Buggy Flux 2.4GHz

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  • 388.99
  • RRP: 449.99
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  • 1/8th
  • HPI
  • Ready To Run
  • Off Road
  • 4WD
  • Brushless
  • Buggy
  • Electric Power

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Fantastically Fast Brushless Buggy Fun!

The brushless-powered RTR Trophy Buggy Flux from HPI is the go-to kit for all-out fun and excitement combined with mind-bending top speeds! The Trophy Buggy has been a hugely popular 1/8th buggy, and now that it's fitted with the demonically fast Scream brushless motor and the 4S-capable Flux Rage speed controller, you can finally see what all the excitement is about with 1/8th electric buggies at a great price!

Fully assembled right out of the box and fitted with a no-hassle HPI 2.4GHz radio system, the Trophy Buggy Flux is ready for you to drop in two 2S LiPo batteries for 14.8 volts of ground-crushing fun! Go brushless with the Trophy Buggy Flux!

2.4GHz RADIO SYSTEM - Ready-built right out of the box and fitted with an all-new 2.4GHz radio system, the Trophy Buggy Flux is the perfect introduction to serious 1/8th off-road buggies! No need to worry about changing crystals, the radio prevents frequency conflicts automatically. If the car ever loses radio signal or battery power, an electronic failsafe will bring it to a safe and controlled stop.

FLUX BRUSHLESS SYSTEM - The Flux Scream motor is the perfect match for the Trophy Flux with 1965KV of power, it was designed to give you the explosion of power you want from any car or truck!

The Flux Rage ESC is a monster of a speedo, able to handle twin 2S batteries for up to 14.8 volts of power! You will experience mind-bending top speeds and blindingly fast acceleration that will make your jaw drop!

If you ever want to change your speedo settings, you'll be able to experiment easily with the optional 101280 Professional Program Card! You can change the amount of braking the speedo uses on the motor, reversing speed, motor timing and even the motor for accelerating smoothly in different traction conditions!

CHASSIS LAYOUT - The chassis of the Trophy Buggy Flux is based on the nitro version of the Trophy Buggy, so its ready for anything you can throw at it. The aluminium construction provides the perfect foundation with its combination of low weight and high strength, and the smart design and layout of the components make working on the car fast and easy!

SUSPENSION & STEERING - The Trophy Buggy Flux suspension was designed from the ground up to be tough, reliable and adjustable for any type of terrain, whether its a BMX jump trail or a top-level racing track! The suspension is fully adjustable and equipped with turnbuckles, multiple shock mount and camber link locations, sway bars and more.

PERFORMANCE STRAIGHT FROM THE BOX - HPI makes it as easy as possible to get into RC Off-Road action. The Trophy Buggy Flux is completely pre-built, just add your choice of battery and charger and you are ready to go!


  • Factory assembled and Ready-To-Run
  • Pre-painted buggy body shell
  • 2.4GHz steerwheel RC system
  • Includes 4x AA's for the transmitter
  • High torque steering servo
  • Flux Scream 1965kv brushless motor
  • Flux Rage ESC
  • 4mm 6061 aluminium chassis has angled sides for extra stiffness
  • Low-profile aluminium radio tray
  • Heavy-duty aluminium motor mount
  • Enclosed radio box protects receiver from the elements
  • Adjustable battery holders and hook & loop straps fits two hard-case 2S LiPo batteries
  • Proven race geometry with championship-inspired design
  • Thick 6061 aluminium shock towers
  • Extra-strong webbed suspension arms
  • Cast aluminium steering knuckles
  • Extra-long coil over, oil filled shocks
  • Strong steel turnbuckles
  • Multiple camber link locations
  • Thick rear sway bar
  • Geared differentials
  • Front UJ driveshafts
  • Rear dog bones
  • 17mm hex hubs
  • 7-spoke black chrome Edge wheels
  • HB racing tyres




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