HPI Sprint 2 Sport RTR With 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 Body
HPI Sprint 2 Sport RTR With 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 BodyHPI Sprint 2 Sport RTR With 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 BodyHPI Sprint 2 Sport RTR With 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 BodyHPI Sprint 2 Sport RTR With 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 BodyHPI Sprint 2 Sport RTR With 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 Body

HPI Sprint 2 Sport RTR With 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 Body


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The HPI RTR Sprint 2 Sport is an easy to drive and simple to maintain street car designed for instant fun and speed! Coupled with the awesome 1969 Chevy Camaro bodyshell, its a great looking and great performing model car ideal for those just starting out in the hobby, or those with higher levels of experience.

The HPI Sprint 2 Sport is the perfect car for anyone wanting a high-quality, quick and tough RC car for the street or track! The Sprint 2 Sport is loaded with fabulous features designed for durability & ease of maintenance: its based around a composite double-deck chassis, uses a dual belt drive, has maintenance-free gear diffs, features waterproof electronics for driving in all conditions and even has hassle-free 2.4GHz control. 

Weve all tossed in absolutely everything you need to get driving right away, with a battery for the car included, plus a wall charger and even the AA batteries for the radio! 

The Sprint 2 Sport is the perfect way to get into exciting street racing action...fast!

HPI Sprint 2 Sport Features:

The updated RTR Sprint 2 Sport is now fully waterproof and ready to tackle wet conditions like rain and snow. The new 2.4GHz receiver is safely stored in a brand new waterproof receiver box, protecting it from the elements and ensuring glitch-free operation. The new SF-10W waterproof steering servo and SC-15WP waterproof electronic speed controller complete the package, allowing you to enjoy the action on the road no matter what the weather is like! 

HPI 2.4Ghz Radio System 
All of the latest HPI kits are now fitted with a comfortable and feature-packed HPI 2.4GHz radio system for supreme control and confidence! The radio features a pistol-grip design with drop-down steering wheel, 3 channel functionality, easy carry handle, fold-down aerial, end point adjustments, servo reversing and steering dual rate. Its also extremely lightweight due to it requiring only four AA batteries. You wont have to worry about radio crystals or what channel other RC racers are using with our 2.4GHz technology - the radio does all that work for you! The radio prevents frequency conflicts automatically and changes channels if there is any interference. Finally, if you ever lose radio signal, an electronic failsafe will bring it to a safe and controlled stop. Youll have professional-level control in one easy RTR package! 

Great Scale Looks
The RTR Sprint 2 Sport features a pre-painted 1969 Chevrolet Camaro racing body with authentic detailing and decals. The body comes completely trimmed and mounted for the ultimate in ease, and a functional racing wing is fitted for supreme control at all speeds. Youll have concours quality appearance, and you can always customize your car with any of the clear or pre-painted polycarbonate body shells from the huge assortment of HPI bodies and other manufacturers as well! For great looks, the RTR Sprint 2 Sport is topped off with a set of authentic replica vintage 5-spoke wheels with pre-mounted HPI vintage racing tyres. 

Performance Driven Design 
The RTR Sprint 2 Sport chassis features a host of racing and durability features, as well as the capability for race tuning, should you want to hit the track! This car also has the exact same drivetrain as our Sprint 2 Flux, so it can handle some serious power - this means that its durable enough to handle just about anything you can throw into it. Read on for more details! 

Dual Belt Drive
The drivetrain of the Sprint 2 features dual drive belts and rubber-shielded ball bearings for the ultimate in durability and efficiency. From the mid-mounted motor and spur gear, the layshaft and center pulleys gets the power to gear diffs front and rear through sturdy drive belts which are made from urethane for extreme durability and wear resistance. 

Fully Independent Suspension
The suspension built into the Sprint 2 allows for complete flexibility and easy, neutral driving characteristics through the use of four-wheel independent suspension with dual-wishbone design, just like modern full-size supercars. Real oil-filled racing shocks provide consistent damping action for fantastic grip and control. 

Race Car Tuning
Built into the Sprint 2 design is the capability to completely custom-tune the handling to suit your particular driving style, or emulate the type of driving youre into, whether its road course, gymkhana, drift and more. Use camber link and shock mount locations, widen the track of the car, change the camber and caster, alter the Ackerman and even adjust droop and ride height! 

Full Assembly Instructions 
Just like all HPI cars and trucks, you get a full, in-depth instruction manual with step-by-step instructions that allow you to easily disassemble and reassemble your car for maintenance and easy servicing. The manual also includes a handy parts list and full-scale drawings of the parts and hardware. And the included HPI RC Car DVD is your personal RC car expert in a box! 

The Complete Package 
From the authentic sports car looks to full adjustability of the suspension geometry, the RTR Sprint 2 Sport is the complete package. 2.4GHz radio, full ball bearings, waterproof electronics, silicone oil-filled shocks - its all there on the RTR Sprint 2 Sport, precision built from the factory! 

HPI Sprint 2 Sport - 1969 Chevy Camaro Specifications:
Length: 431mm (17)
Height: 127mm (5)
Width: 200mm (7.9)
Wheelbase: 254mm (10)


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