Hangar 9 Inverza 33 ARF

Hangar 9 Inverza 33 ARF


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  • Hangar 9
  • Almost RTF
  • Electric Power
  • Aerobatic & 3D

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The full scale Inverza has been developed by three distinguished professionals of the aviation community whose creative specialties have made it possible to create an incredible new breed of performance aerobatic aircraft. Quique Somenzini, with his intuitive expertise for RC performance presented Kevin Kimball with the prospect of developing a full scale monoplane based on his award-winning biplane experience. Inspired by the prospect, Mirco Pecorari (designer of the Beast colour scheme) used all of his artistic style to design a unique colour scheme that combines beauty and function.

Impeccable quality, dynamic artistry and innovative design – any one characteristic can offer success, any two assures a premium-level experience. Put all three together combined with decades of experience and the potential outcome are the seeds from which legends are made.

Today, the Inverza has graduated from just a dream to a fully functional scale radio control model bursting with groundbreaking performance and the potential to appeal to full-scale and RC pilot alike.

Designed by aerobatic world champion Quique Somenzini in co-operation with Kevin Kimball the Inverza offers the most performance in its class, delivering outstanding and precise aerobatic characteristics. It's massive control surfaces, and enlarged wing area makes it very predictable in slow flight and extremely stable during the most demanding of 3D manoeuvres.

Covered in genuine UltraCote its balsa/balsa-plywood airframe is both strong and light, while Mirco Pecorari’s own designed colour scheme combines stunning looks, high visibility and incredible presence in the air.

The model also includes a carbon fibre wing tube, clear canopy with a detailed instrument panel for enhance scale looks, additionally the pre-assembled petrol tank, aluminium landing gear and factory painted fibreglass cowl speed up the overall assembly time.

Powered by the new Evolution 33cc petrol engine the Inverza 33 is perfect for entry level or giant scale pilots looking to improve their aerobatic skills and despite its modest 1.90 m (74.8 inch) wingspan the model delivers real “giant scale” aerobatic performance in the air

  • Yellow and Blue colour scheme by Mirco Pecorari in genuine UltraCote provides stunning looks, high visibility and great presence in the air
  • Massive control surfaces throws offers incredible response for quick snaps and maximum control during slow and low 3D manoeuvres
  • Enlarged wing area with minimum added weight gives a low wing loading that allows total control at low flying speeds
  • ARF balsa/balsa-plywood construction structure is strong and light for outstanding aerobatic performance 
  • Durable aluminium landing gear
  • Clear canopy and instrument panel included for enhanced scale looks
  • Plug-in wings with carbon fibre wing tube for lightweight and convenience
  • Perfect airframe for the Evolution GX33 Petrol Engine - Firewall set and pre-drilled to accept this engine
  • Factory pre-assembled petrol fuel tank
  • Optional electric motor conversion kit available
  • High quality hardware included
  • Perfect for Giant Scale 3D/IMAC enthusiasts or those wishing to explore their aerobatic prowess

Electric Motor Size:E-Flite Power 180 recommended for Electric setup (not included)

Engine Size:33cc Petrol Engine recommended (not included)

Kit / Ready-Built:ARF

Length:1820mm (71.7inch)

Prop Range:18x8 (EVO 33) or 22x10 (Power 180)

Recommended Battery:4400-5000 mAh 10S (37V) LiPo required for Electirc flight (not included)

Recommended ESC:100A+ HV ESC (EFLA2100) required (not included)


Weight:5.6 - 5.8Kg depending on setup

Wingspan:1900mm (74.8inch)


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