Hangar 9 F4U-1D Corsair 60cc ARF (3 Boxes)

Hangar 9 F4U-1D Corsair 60cc ARF (3 Boxes)


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This superb Corsair is finished in the colours and markings of a US Navy F4U-1D Corsair, serving with 152 Squadron VF-84 aboard USS Bunker Hill (CV-17) during February 1945.

Designed for 60cc and larger petrol engines, the ZP 62cc engine is a perfect choice and provides plenty of power for sustained warbird manoeuvres. The large fibreglass cowl will however accommodate many different sizes of engine with the minimum of fuss and bother, and without the need to cut huge chunks of the cowling away. A suitable airflow and exhaust outlet is all that’s needed.

The three-piece wing comes ready to accept optional Robart twist and turn retractable landing gear, and either air or electrically operated they are a simple drop-in fit. Likewise an optional retractable tail wheel is also uncomplicated to fit.

The center section of the wing can be left connected to the fuselage for ease of assembly at the flying field with no need to connect landing gear air-lines or flap servo leads. This nmakes the model very easy to transport and also means that it can sit on its main wheels when being stored at home or carried in a vehicle.

The three-piece working flaps are quite easy to set up and feature independent flap servos in each side of the center section of the wing. The outer wing panels each have their own aileron servo meaning only they need connecting before flight.

Inside the huge fuselage there is plenty of room to mount the on-board electronics. Servos, receiver battery, retract air tank, the filling valve and receiver switches can easily all hidden from sight, thus helping preserve the scale look.

The canopy frame, fiberglass engine cowling comes pre-painted as do the gear doors and there is the option to fit working inner doors should you choose for the ultimate in scale realism.

Thanks to the fibreglass parts and traditional balsa and lightweight plywood construction used throughout, the overall airframe is not only rugged, it is also relatively light for a model of this size, and with its “Corsair” blue Ultracote colour scheme complete with authentic US Navy graphics and nomenclature the model is certain to draw admiring looks wherever flown.

Once completed and in the air the Corsair handles all of the typical “warbird” manoeuvres smoothly and flies just like the real thing with a purposeful presence in the air. On the ground this giant scale Corsair is equally impressive and with its attention to scale outline and detail it can best be described as a truly handsome model.
Wingspan:     217cm (85.5 in)
Overall Length:     177cm (70.0 in)
Wing Area:     89.0 sq dm (1380 sq in)
Flying Weight:     12.9 - 14.0 kg (28.5 - 31.0 lbs)
Engine Size:     60cc
Min Required Radio:     DX8
Servos:     4 precision std servos, 2 ultra torque std servos, 2 std servos
Recd. Receiver Battery:     2700mAh 6.0V Ni-MH Receiver Pack (2)
Trim Scheme Colors:     Corsair Blue (U905)
Prop Size:     22x10 - 23x10
Spinner Size:   1 1/2" Corsair Style

  • Designed to fit Robart giant scale retracts
  • Fully sheeted scale airframe
  • Fabric covered flight controls
  • Fibreglass cowling with detail
  • Fibreglass main gear doors
  • Hidden tail control linkages
  • Covered in genuine UltraCote
  • Firewall set up for Evolution 50, 80, and Zenoah G62
  • True warbird look and feel with superb flying
  • characteristics
  • Three-piece wing for easy transport
  • Aluminum blade spars
  • Sliding canopy
  • Dummy motor included
  • Drop rails included
  • Scale sheeting and rib detail
  • Concealed servos
  • Flight controls pre-hinged
  • Full depth cockpit

 4 Stroke Gas    57cc Gas Twin Engine 4-Stroke
SPM9530    Spektrum™ 3-Wire Switch Harness
HFL7190    22x12inch Maple Wood Prop. (1)
SPMB2000LP    LiPo Receiver Pack 2000mAh
SPMA3003    Heavy-Duty Servo Extension 12 inch
HAN116    Fuel Filler with “T” Fitting and Overflow Fitting
HAN143    Pro Fuel Filter: Gas, Glow

4-Stroke Glow     
EVOE777    7-Cylinder 77cc 4-Stroke Glow Radial Engine
HFL7190    22x12inch Maple Wood Prop. (1)
SPMB2000LP    Receiver Pack 2000mAh LiPo
HAN116    Fuel Filler with “T” Fitting and Overflow Fitting
HAN143    Pro Fuel Filter: Gas, Glow
HFL6050    Silicone Fuel Tube (1metre)

2-Stroke Gas     
ZENEP62    ZP 62cc Single Cylinder Petrol Engine with Electronic Ignition
HFL7189    22x10inch Maple Wood Prop. (1)
HAN116    Fuel Filler with “T” Fitting and Overflow Fitting
HAN143    Pro Fuel Filter: Gas, Glow


HAN476024    Retractable Tail Wheel
HAN476025    Retractable Main Gear Air
HAN476026    Retractable Main Gear Electric
HAN476027    Retractable Tail Wheel Air Cylinder
HAN476028    Retractable Tail Wheel Actuator
HAN476029    5 inch Aluminium Main Wheel White
EFLA405    Servo-less Payload Release


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