Hangar 9 Carden Edition 89inch Extra 300 Mid-Wing ARF

Hangar 9 Carden Edition 89inch Extra 300 Mid-Wing ARF


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  • Hangar 9
  • Almost RTF
  • Petrol Power
  • Aerobatic & 3D

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The Hangar 9 Carden Aircraft Edition Extra 300 ARF is a smaller version of the highly popular aerobatic aircraft the 126 inch wingspan Carden Extra 300. This makes the model more economical to put in the air, and of course transportation becomes more convenient too.

During development of this championship-winning model Carden Aircraft worked very closely with Hangar 9 by supplying their construction techniques, drawings and designs to be used in the final production of the Carden Edition Extra 300 ARF. This partnership, together with the level of completion is beyond comparison in the giant-scale market.

The kit comes highly prefabricated with the fuel tank assembled and plumbed for petrol engines, hinges and control horns pre-installed and for crisp flight response the hinge lines on the flight control surfaces are pre-sealed. Constructed from durable lightweight balsa and plywood with fully symmetrical balsa sheeted foam core wings and tail-plane covered in genuine UltraCote, the Extra 300 ARF also features a balsa truss fuselage construction that follows Carden Aircraft construction exactly.

In addition to the extensive amount of pre-fabrication the Extra 300 ARF also features a two-piece wing and stabiliser for convenient storage and easy transport to the flying field. Also included are top-quality durable components like the pre-painted fibreglass engine cowling and lightweight aluminium landing gear, complete with pre-painted wheel spats.

The model may be powered by any of the popular engines in the 50cc to 62cc class the Evolution 58cc (EVOE58GX2) or the ZP 62cc (ZENEP62) engines are ideal choices, however thanks to the huge cowling there is minimum cutting required for exhaust /spark plug access etc and which in turn keeps the engine out of sight for a cleaner scale look.

The mid-wing Carden Extra 300 is a fantastic mid-size aerobatic model with cutting edge design, top quality construction and flight performance that offers experienced pilots the very best in precision and 3D aerobatics, what more could you want?
Wingspan:     2.25m (89.0 inch)

Overall Length:     2.15m (85.0 inch)

Wing Area:     92.2 sq.dm (1429 sq. inch)

Flying Weight:     8.2 - 9.5kg (18-21 lbs)

Recommended Motor Battery:     12S 5000mAh - 6600mAh

Minimum Required Radio:     4 or more channels

Servos:     6 servos (7 if using choke servo) (5 for electric power)

Recommended Receiver Battery:     2000mAh x 2

Minimum Speed Control:     130Amp

UltraCote covering:     White (U870) Highlights and trim: Apple Green (U903)Pearl Blue (U845) and Silver (U881)
  • True Carden Aircraft design
  • Balsa sheeted foam core wings
  • Factory hinged control surfaces
  • Hinge line gaps sealed
  • Fully symmetrical wing and tail-plane
  • Giant scale control horns pre-installed
  • Fuel tank assembled and installed
  • Turnbuckle pushrods included
  • Plug in wing panels and stabiliser
  • Painted aluminium landing gear
  • Internally mounted fibreglass cowl (no mounting bolts showing)
  • Factory painted fibreglass cowl
  • Factory painted fibreglass wheel spats
  • Painted lightweight pilot figure included
  • Top quality UltraCote covering with a distinctive colour scheme
Recommended Setup IC

Spinner Size     3-3/4 inch
Engine Size (Petrol Glow)     50cc-62cc petrol (Evolution 58cc (EVOE58GX2) ZP 62cc (ZENEP62)
Prop Size     EVOE58GX2 22x10 -26x10, benchmark prop 24x10 ZP62 20x8 -22x10 - 20x8 -22x10
SPMSA6190     Digital Ultra Torque servo (5)
SPMSA6010     Servo (2)
SPMAR9110     Power Safe RX (1)
SPM9645     DSMX Remote Receiver
SPMA3050     3-inch Servo Extension (Optional)
SPMA3003     12 extensions (2)
SPMA3004     18" extensions (3)
SPMA3005     24" extension (2)
SPMA3006     36" extensions (2)
SPMB2000LP     2000mAh battery (2)
SPMEXEC3324     24-inch EC3 Extension with 16AWG (2)

Recommended Setup Electric

HAN462523     Carden Extra 300 EP Installation Kit
Motor Size (EP)     60cc Brushless Outrunner Motor
EFLB50006S30     5000mAh 6S 22.2V 30C LiPo, 10AWG EC5 Connector (2)
SPMA3004     18" extensions (3)24 x 12 or 25 x 12 EP Propeller
ESC     HV160 Extreme Air BL ESC


HAN462422     SFG set (1))


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