Hangar 9 F4U-1A Corsair 20cc ARF

Hangar 9 F4U-1A Corsair 20cc ARF


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Combining the largest radial engine available with an unyielding airframe is not an unusual set of military airplane requirements. However, it was Chance Vought that took the U.S. Navy?s 1938 wish list and created a distinctive airplane as well as a weapon that would remain superior till the jet era. So overwhelming was its success that it took the collective manufacturing capabilities of Vought, Goodyear and Brewster to help meet demand that wouldn?t subside until 1952.

The Hangar 9® F4U-1A Corsair 20cc ARF is a model that honors the Vought triumph in a way that makes scale RC easy. Its scheme matches the famous ?Jolly Rogers? U.S. Navy fighting squadron (VF-17) that operated in the Pacific theatre in 1943?44 under the command of John ?Tommy? Blackburn. Its color and detail are extensive thanks to an attention to outline accuracy and printed UltraCote® covering. Not only do the flat finish and feathered edges of the appropriate color lines convey a sense of realism, the quality of wood construction delivers a model with long-lasting appeal. But it?s the way this Corsair flies that will have you heading to the field every weekend.

Inside the fiberglass round cowling is enough room to house either an electric motor or 20cc engine. The choice is yours, there?s no modification for either power system choice and all the hardware you?ll need to make it happen quickly is included. If you?re looking for a warbird with historical prowess and great handling in the air, this version of the bent-wing bird is sure to make you proud.

The F4U-1A Corsair 20cc ARF is part of the complete line of top-quality Hangar 9® aircraft and accessories. All are engineered and crafted to exacting standards and feature the finest components and materials. Plus, every Hangar 9 product comes with the after-sale service and technical support you need to succeed.

Flat-Finish, Printed Covering

Using genuine Hangar 9® UltraCote® covering as the base, a realistic flat-finish printing process is applied that includes insignia, panel line and historically accurate colors. The result is an easy to maintain appearance that looks like a high-end paint job.

Operational 3-Panel Flaps

The 3-panel flaps authentically recreate the scale appearance and expand the flight envelope as well as help shorten takeoff and landing distances. Each 3-panel section features independent servo control for deployment that?s precise and reliable.

Three Decal Sets

You can complement the 1943 Jolly Rogers VF-17 appearance with the scale decal set provided, which can complete the John T. Blackburn ?Big Hog? scheme, the Frederick J. Streig scheme or the ?LA City Limits? scheme flown by John M. Smith and Doris Chico Freeman.

Scale Details

Scale details include gear doors, removable antenna, dummy radial engine, painted propeller hub, wing guns and radiators plus an instrument panel decal. All that?s left to do is to choose a pilot figure such as the Hangar 9 1/6-scale military pilot.

Easy Access

The fuselage top hatch allows easy access to batteries and other electronics. Inside are cleverly engineered locations for power switches so that the outside of the airframe can maintain a scale appearance.

Choose Your Power

Whether you choose an engine or electric motor, installation is easy with the included hardware. The Evolution® 20GX 20cc gas engine is an excellent choice with outstanding efficiency and reliability.

All-Wood Construction

Lightweight design, combined with high-grade balsa and plywood construction is used with laser-cut accuracy to provide everything you could want in a warbird that?s sized to make scale modeling rewarding and convenient.

Optional Retracts

The recommended E-flite® electric rotating retracts (EFLG520) are an excellent scale add-on that goes great with the included 8-spoke wheels included. They require a simple bolt-in installation and accept optional shock-absorbing struts that make ground handling extra smooth.

F4U-1A Corsair 20cc ARF Features:

  • Authentic scale outline features a dummy radial engine and removable antenna
  • Printed, flat-finish UltraCote® covering with extensive panel line detail
  • A legendary warbird designed to fly well
  • Top quality balsa and plywood construction that?s strong and light
  • Authentic VF-17 color scheme and a choice of three decal sets
  • Functional 3-panel flaps significantly expand the appearance and flight envelope
  • Ready to install optional E-flite® electric rotating retracts
  • Fixed-wire landing gear, scale tires, 8-spoke wheels and gear doors included
  • Pre-drilled or pre-slotted control surface hinge locations
  • Ready to mount the Evolution® 20GX gas/petrol engine
  • Electric power ready with no modification or additional hardware needed
  • Easy-access, top fuselage hatch features concealed power switch locations
  • Complete, high-grade hardware package included
  • Painted red, aluminum spinner nut included

F4U-1A Corsair 20cc ARF Specfications:

  • Airfoil Shape: : Semi-symmetrical
  • Approximate Assembly Time: : 15–20 Hours
  • Approximate Flight Time: : 7–12 minutes
  • CG (Center of Gravity): : 75-95 mm (3 - 3.75 inches) behind LE at center
  • Engine Size: : 20cc 2-stroke gas/petrol
  • Flaps: : Yes
  • Flying Weight: : 11.75–13.0 lb (5.3–5.9kg)
  • Length: : 52.7 in (134 cm)
  • Material: : Balsa
  • Minimum Required Radio: : 5+ channel
  • Minimum Speed Control: : 80A
  • Motor Size: : Power 60B (470Kv)
  • Propeller Size: : 16x6
  • Recommended Fuel: : Gasoline
  • Recommended Motor Battery: : 6S 5000mAh LiPo
  • Recommended Receiver Battery: : 2200 - 3000mAh
  • Retracts: : Optional
  • Servos: : 7 standard (6 for EP)
  • Trimscheme Colors: : Printed UltraCote covering
  • Wing Area: : 802.4 sq in (51.77 sq dm)
  • Wingspan: : 65.0 in (165 cm)


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