Great Planes EP PBY Catalina Seaplane ARF

Great Planes EP PBY Catalina Seaplane ARF

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The twin-engine PBY Catalina was very popular at the time of WWII and was put to a wide range of uses by the U.S. Navy, including sea reconnaissance, transport, expedition, sea-rescue and fire-fighting. To date, with over 3000 units manufactured the PBY Catalina is the mostbuilt flying boat worldwide, with about 1400 of these being amphibious. The model Catalina is painted in the silver grey U.S. Navy trim, and has a robust fibreglass fuselage with pre-covered balsa wings and tail unit,
so that you can have this classic aircraft built and ready for flight in a minimum of time. Thanks to the water rudder, maneuvering and taking-off from water are no problem, and the stepped hull aids planning on touch-down. Just as can be expected of a flying boat, the Catalina responds gently but directly to the controls, adding greatly to the flying enjoyment.

Technical specification:
Wingspan: 1360 mm
Wing area: 25,5 dm2
Weight: 1360-1470 g
Wing loading: 55-58 g/dm2
Length: 870 mm

Required accessories:
- 4-channel R/C system
- Micro servo, 4 pieces
- Brushless motor 950 kV, 2 pieces
- Brushless ESC 25 A, 2 pieces
- LiPo flight battery 11.1 V

- Order no: TACJ2652, R/C set TTX 650
- Order no: TACL0624, receiver TR624 (included in R/C set)
- Order no: TACM0210, servo TSX10, 4 pieces required
- Order no: GPMG4560, motor RimFire 400, 2 pieces required
- Order no: GPMM1820, Silver Series 25 Amp. brushless ESC, 2 pieces required
- Order no: GPMP0861, ElectriFly LiPo battery, 3S 2200 mAh
- Order no: GPMQ6610, airscrew, 8'' x 6'', 2 pieces required


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