Evolution 40NX Evolution Engine

Evolution 40NX Evolution Engine


Product Number: EVOE0401

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40NX Evolution Engine


The NX series is designed to provide a unique combination of powerful performance, reliable engineering and remarkable ease of use. The .40NX is the same size and weight as our competitors .32-size glow engines, but packs more of a punch. Its displacement of .40 cu in provides sport models with plenty of get-up and-go without adding weight. And since its an Evolution engine, the .40NX has the innovative low-speed SetRight needle valve with a lever that makes easy adjustments and takes all the guesswork out of operation.

Product Specifications

Carburettor Type : Barrel
Family : 40NX Series
Engine Size : 6.74cc (.41cu in)
Fuel Type : 5-30% Nitro Glow fuel, 18% Synthetic or Synthetic/Castor oil mix
Prop Range : 9x5 - 11x6
Weight : 285g (engine only) / 356g (total weight)

Key Features

More displacement, but same size and weight as .32-sized engine
Designed for use on 25-36 sized aircraft
Aftermarket high performance muffler available for more power
Low-speed SetRight needle valve


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