LRP Zr.30 Spec.2 Pullstart Nitro Engine

LRP Zr.30 Spec.2 Pullstart Nitro Engine

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LRP presents a completely new engine - the LRP ZR.30 Spec.2 Pulllstart! It is extremely massive and of highest structural rigidity. The all new XTEC T6 crankcase with extra thick ribs makes the complete structure stronger, especially between the front and rear ball bearings.

The newly developed LRP XTEC PowerCarb 2 15S-2 Carburetor is flow optimised for maximum power and easiest tuning. The oversized design with large surfaces offers best cooling for constant running temperatures. To maximise the power output the LRP ZR.30 Spec.2 Pullstart features outstanding internals: 5+1 ports sleeve, a conrod especially reinforced for .30 engines and a flow optimised crank shaft with Turbo Scoops. The pullstart of this new powerhouse is specially reinforced for the .30 size of the engine.

Massive all new crankcase for hardest Monstertruck racing
Flow-optimised LRP XTEC PowerCarb 2 15S-2 Carburetor with 9mm Inlet
CoolDown Cylinder head with extra thin ribs for lower weight and uniform heat dissipation
Standard burn room for easiest tuning
Pullstart specially developed for .30 engines
5+1 ports = extra torque for Monstertrucks
With Power Start capability

Number of ports 5+1
Exhaust rear
Cubic capacity .30 (4.92ccm)
Max. RPM 33.200
Max.Power 4.12HP
Carburetor LRP PowerCarb 2


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