E-Flite Mystique RES 2.9m ARF

E-Flite Mystique RES 2.9m ARF


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The E-flite® Mystique™ RES (Rudder/Elevator/Spoiler) 2.9 m ARF aircraft is a sailplane inspired by the popular full-house Mystique 2.9 m. It does however differ in that it’s been specially modified to provide exquisite performance with only rudder, elevator and spoiler guidance controls.

Its large wingspan is built with just the right amount of polyhedral to provide gentle flight characteristics yet still have the authority to turn abruptly onto a thermal the instant it’s sensed. The Selig S8032 airfoil used provides excellent handling over a wide speed range plus the all-wood open-wing construction keeps weight to a minimum so advantage can be taken of even the smallest amount of lift. Built-in spoilers offer the ability to dump lift without a gain in airspeed control can be exercised to escape a thermal and perform spot landings with greater precision.

The contour of the molded fibreglass fuselage is sleek yet provides ample room for its pushrods to run internally and still have room for a powerful LiPo motor battery. The Mystique RES 2.9m offers the option to build the model as a pure sailplane by including a slip on nose with the ARF, or build the Mystique RES 2.9m as an electric powered sailplane equipped with the recommended E-flite and Spektrum electronics (receiver, servos, battery, motor, ESC).

The options offer a sailplane that can be built with electric power, or one suitable for launching off a winch, Hi-start or even a slope. Either setup can be accomplished with just a simple 4-channel radio. As an electric model equipped with an E-flite Power 25 outrunner and 3S LiPo pack the Mystique demonstrates amazing climb performance as well as an ability to offer long flight times.

The overall size of this Mystique model will make a huge impression on any intermediate pilot, but despite this simplicity is the main intent. Whilst delivering versatility and performance, ease of completion is achieved thanks to the low parts count and minimal assembly required.

An uplifting build as well as an uplifting flying experience. 

  • RES Design (Rudder, Elevator and Spoiler) appeals to intermediate pilots looking for greater control in the air
  • Lightweight structure comprising of fibreglass fuselage and built-up balsa wing sections covered with Transparent UltraCote Lite covering for increased flight visibility
  • Full camber changing wing section and full dlying stabiliser for excellent flight performance
  • Can be built up either as pure sailplane or can be electric powered with optional E-Flite Power 25 brushless motor.
  • ARF completion level enables pilots freedom of choice regarding R/C and electronics installation
  • Two-piece wing and removeable borizontal stabiliser for easy transportation
  • Carbon Wing Spare increases strength and rigidity
  • Large canopy for easy access to the battery and radio compartment
  • Adjustable wing camber for perfromance soaring to allow the pilot to change the airfoil in flight to achieve different speeds
  • Includes tow hook for bungee or winch launch operation 

Electric Motor Size:E-Flite Power 25 series motor recommended for Electric powered option (not included)

Kit / Ready-Built:ARF

Length:1480mm (58.5inch)

Number of Channels:3 Channel minimum

Prop Range:14 x 8 folding propeller

Recommended Battery:11.1V 3S 3200mAh LiPo (EFLB32003S30 or equivalent)

Recommended ESC:60A Brushless ESC (EFLA1060 or equivalent)

Servo(s) included:None - 4 required

Weight:2.20 - 2.25Kg flying weight

Wingspan:2900mm (114inch)


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