EDS Magic Cleaning Gum

EDS Magic Cleaning Gum

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This Magic Gum is made in Europe, it is a great way to remove oily dirt and grime from hard to get to areas, without the need of applying potentially harmful chemicals or damage from other cleaning tools.

Application: Before first time use, Magic Gum should be kneaded in your hands until it becomes more malleable. For proper use, form the Magic Gum into a ball and press it into the area to clean. Knead the removed dirt and grime into the Cleaning Putty and repeat cleaning procedure if required.

* Note: if traces of the Magic Gum remain on the area cleaned, lightly press the area with the ball of Magic Gum to remove the excess

Warning: This Magic Gum is not a toy. Keep out of reach of small children. Adult supervision is recommended. Harmful if swallowed.


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