Dynam Seawind Blue 1220mm W/O Tx/Rx/Batt

Dynam Seawind Blue 1220mm W/O Tx/Rx/Batt

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The Dynam Seawind is a fun, go play-for-the-day amphibious, snow and land aircraft. Enjoy some fun flying on your favorite lake, pond or river. Snowing outside? No problem! Want to fly off the tarmac? Easy! With the included landing gear, you can fly the Seawind on land with ease. Simply remove the gear to fly off of water or snow. Just add your radio, receiver and 3S 2200 LiPo battery and you’re ready for adventure.

Dynam Seawind Features:

  • Unique, attractive lines and decal trim sheet
  • Two scale pilots for added detail
  • Powerful BM3715A-KV1050 Brushless Outrunner motor
  • Landing gear set for flying off of land if desired
  • Constructed of Durable EPO foam

Spec Check:

  • Wingspn: 1220mm
  • Length: 1045mm
  • Wing Area: 23sq.dm
  • Esc: 40A
  • Motor: BM3715A KV1050
  • Servos:9G*5PCS
  • Weight:1250g

Required to Complete: 4 Channel Radio, 11.1V 2200MAH 25C Lipo Battery & Charger.


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