Dynam F4U Corsair 1270mm

Dynam F4U Corsair 1270mm

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The F4U was most notable by its awesome power to weight ratio and its agility. The iconic inverted gull wing design gave this bird a unique silhouette in the sky and allowed it to throw a huge prop while clearing an aircraft carrier deck with its low slung landing gears . Its landing gears were able to retract flush into the wings to give it better aerodynamic performance allowing it to hit speeds of 400mph. The F4U was famous for its ability to outrun, outclimb, and out gun any plane during hits heyday in World War II.

Dynam RC recreated this American Military Aviation marvel with its newest F4U Corsair. The plane is constructed of durable EPO foam. The wings span 1270mm and the fuselage length is approx 1066mm. The overall wing loading boasts 50g/dm2. The retractable rotating landing gears tuck away in the wings to provide awesome aerodynamic performance. The large prop is being thrown by a BM3720-KV500 Brushless Outrunner motor supported by a Detrum 40A ESC. Control surfaces are handled by four 9gram detrum servos for precise movement. A steerable tail wheel allows the pilot to taxi around the runway. Powering all these electronics is a 14.8v 2200mah Li-Po Battery. The blue paint scheme is vivid and stays true to the F4U scheme. A scale pilot in the cockpit finishes off this beautiful Dynam F4U Corsair.

Tech spec
Span 1270mm
Length -1066mm
Servo 4 x 9g
Motor Brushless 500Kv
ESC -40 Amp

Requires to finish
6 channel radio and transmitter
4S 2200mAh LiPo Battery


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