Dynamite .31 Petrol Engine (5.1cc) w/CDI 8B 8T

Dynamite .31 Petrol Engine (5.1cc) w/CDI 8B 8T


Product Number: DYNE0506

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Potential alternative to nitro engines.

This high performance petrol engine has been designed for peak performance. requires the use of Dynamite high performance small bloxck 2-Cycle oil. One 282cc bottle treats one gallon of petrol for a 14:1 premix ratio. Dynamite high performance small block 2-Cycle oil must be used in a 14:1 premix ratio with Dynamite .31 petrol engine (5.1cc).


can you beleive that no-one has reviewed the Dynamite .31 Petrol Engine (5.1cc) w/CDI 8B 8T? No, neither can we...

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