RPM Front A-Arm Set (Black) (Baja 5B/5T)

RPM Front A-Arm Set (Black) (Baja 5B/5T)

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RPM Front A-Arm Set (Black) (Baja 5B/5T)

This is a optional RPM Front A-Arm Set. RPM front A-arms for the HPI Baja 5B & 5T are designed around the stock A-arm geometry, which means they are direct fit replacements no additional parts or accessories are needed. The list of improvements from there is extensive! To start, RPM eliminated most of the hard rib angles in favor of smoothly contoured curves that enhance survivability during extreme impacts. Both the upper and lower A-arms incorporate much larger and stronger corner webs than the stock A-arms while RPM lower A-arms have a redesigned center brace structure that helps the rigidity and strength considerably by spreading impact energies over a much larger area. This set includes one front upper and one front lower A-Arm, that can be used on either the right or left side of the chassis.

Part Compatibility:
HPI Racing Baja 5T

HPI Racing Baja 5B


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