Avid Aluminium Ballstud Washer Set (12pcs)

Avid Aluminium Ballstud Washer Set (12pcs)

Product Number: AV1023-SET

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AVID makes your life better (and your ride cooler) once again with our fresh approach on a traditional aluminum ballstud washer by introducing a staggered outer diameter so you can easily tell what thickness of a washer you are running. As the washers grow in thickness, the outside diameter grows in steps of 0.5mm. Replace the plastic washers that come in your kit with these precision machined aluminum washers which wont crush and change thickness when clamped.


Black Anodized Aluminum, fits 4-40 and M3 ballstuds
Staggered Outside Diameter Sizing for easy identification of thickness when stacked together.
Large OD = 2.0mm thick
Medium OD= 1.0 mm thick
Small OD = 0.5 mm thick
Fits Associated, Team Losi Racing, Kyosho, Durango, and other popular brand 10th scale cars/trucks
Set includes 12 pcs, 4 of each thickness (2.0, 1.0, and 0.5mm) and AVID decal.


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