Answer-RC Mugen MBX-6 "SP" Bearing set 24pc

Answer-RC Mugen MBX-6 "SP" Bearing set 24pc

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Mugen 8th scale 24pc Answer-RC "SP" Bearing Set.
Assembled from the Answer-RC "SP" range of bearings. These high quality bearings utilise 1 x metal shield and 1 x rubber seal on each bearing. This combination gives the best compromise between bearing damaging dirt and low drag.
The rubber seal is designed to face the area which will be the dirtiest. So for example, on a clutch bell, the two metal shields would face in towards each other. On a wheel hub, the same principle applies and on a diff the rubber seal would face the outer of the car.

14 x ANSBR0816 8*16mm Bearings
4 x ANSBR1521 15*21mm Bearings
4 x ANSBR0610 6*10mm Bearings
2 x ANSBR0510 5*10mm Bearings

This is a full set of driveline bearings for the car, please note that Answer-RC bearing sets (in line with many others on the market) do not include steering ackermann bearings if used in the car.


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