Answer-RC 14.5*26*6 "SP" Rear Engine Bearing CERAMIC Si3N4

Answer-RC 14.5*26*6 "SP" Rear Engine Bearing CERAMIC Si3N4

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A very high quality rear engine bearing, featuring ceramic Si3n4 balls for massively increased life span and reduced drag.

If you are looking to upgrade your engine a little and hoping for smoother power delivery, incresaed run time and reduced maintainence then ceramic bearings are the way to go. We are confident that this is amongst, if not the best ceramic bearing on the market.

Featuring the highest spec balls, a polyamide case and precision ground inner and outer races this is as good as a bearing gets. Please note that when installing the bearing, it is important to take propper precautions and fit the bearing straight into the crankcase and ensure that the balls face the rear of the engine.

When running a engine in with a ceramic balled bearing it is critical to run a little richer than normal to allow the bearing to break in fully and not allow the balls to skate.


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