Airfix 1:144 Saturn V Skylab Model Kit

Airfix 1:144 Saturn V Skylab Model Kit

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Skill: 3
Number of Parts: 51

The Saturn V was developed at NASA's Marshall Spaceflight Centre, Alabama, under the direction of Dr Wernher von Braun. In all 13 were launched, the first 12 carried Apollo spacecraft, both unmanned test vehicles, Apollo 4 and 6, and the manned Apollo 8 through 17. The final flight of a Saturn V rocket carried not an Apollo spacecraft, but the USA's first space station, Skylab.
Using the existing first stage, the S-IC, with its five powerful F-1 engines, and the second S-II stage, with its fiveJ-2 engines, the orginal third stage, the S-IVB, was converted into the main workshop of Skylab.
Skylab was launched on 14th May 1973. The first crew arrived 25th May 1973, the second crew, 28th July 1973 and the third and last, 16th Novemebner 1973. Skylab was de-orbited and burnt up in the Earths Atmophere 11th July 1979.


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