Online Gambling Agents Hold MRC Competition

Online Gambling Agents Hold MRC Competition

Online Gambling Agents Hold MRC Competition – A radio controlled car racing competition or abbreviated as MRC was held in an indoor area in the west bekasi area. This event was held to celebrate Indonesia’s independence anniversary on Sunday 16 August at noon. The competition, which carries the theme of the infinity kingdom champion, was followed by RC racers from the national level to the world.

This competition was attended by participants from all over Indonesia and even abroad, including Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and even Australia. And this sponsor celebrating champioan is the largest online gambling agent in Indonesia. The categories of competitions that are competed range from beginner to professional level, in this race RC racers are given a certain time to get the best record of time in the specified lap.

Online Gambling Agents Hold MRC Competition

A committee organizing this competition said to a blog, of course we are proud to be able to hold this activity. According to him, this is the first time that the competition in indoor circuits has been held in this land. Which is where this circuit is the only indoor circuit in our homeland.

Hopefully with this many competitions, the RC community can do a question and answer about all the activities of this race. Many Indonesians still don’t know much about this radio control car. With the competition, people can participate in enlivening this race.

Winner in the competition

The winner in this championship, was successfully crushed by Agustin Brue from Australia as the first winner, Manuru Haruko from Japan in the runner up position. Meanwhile, the Indonesian flagstone in third position.

After receiving the award, Kyle, who won first place, admitted that he was very enthusiastic about participating in the competition held in Indonesia. According to him, the professional level competition that he participated in could improve his ability to control RC cars in every competition.

Some of the best remote control toys

Some of the best remote control toys

Some of the best remote control toys – In general, remote control cars can be divided into 2 categories: toy cars and hobby categories. Hobby class cars tend to be more expensive. But the quality is better, often more complicated to use and designed for long distance car hobbies. On the other hand, small toy cars are often intended for small children to play because of lower prices and relatively easy use. Here are some of the perfect remote control cars for those of you who are not kids anymore!

Some of the best remote control toys

1. Buggy HPI Racing Trophy with nitro gas
If you are thinking of joining a rally car lover, this HPI Racing Trophy Buggy is the best choice for you. This car is called the best remote control car powered by nitro gas. This car has been designed especially for racing and is ready to take you on the asphalt path. The design of the machine is sexy, with a legal HPI Nitro Star F3.5 engine for you to use on the road and obviously very effective. Not only that, this car also has a special HB Proto racing tire and suspension that is coated with lubricant. These devices allow this vehicle to easily turn sharp.

2. Traxxas Nitro Rustler can run at high speed.
This Traxxas Nitro Rustler is well known for its unmatched speed. Rustler can drive at a maximum speed of 80 km per hour for off-road vehicles. This toy car has completely unexpected speed characteristics. Despite being small But the frame of this car is quite light and has high speed This incredible speed is powered by the TRX 2.5 engine that can make it work quickly.

The best remote control


3. Traxxas XO-1 1/7 RTR RC Car
If you are a speed enthusiast, the Traxxas XO-1 is the right choice for you. This car is the fastest supercar in the world that can easily reach a top speed of 160 kilometers per hour. Thanks to the latest engine technology and chassis design that supports downward pressure, this car is suitable for the fastest position. In addition, this car has excellent control and does not vibrate even at maximum speed.

4. Redcat Racing EPX Drift Car For those who like the art of self-winding
If you are looking for the perfect car to start playing in the world of remote control cars, the Redcat Racing EPX Drift is the perfect choice for adult toys. The perfect combination of quality tires and smooth engine, making cars with a running style that responds to everyone. This car is designed especially for drift fans.

5. HPI Racing Mustang Drift replica of the actual Mustang car
The HPI Racing Mustang Drift 1/10 car is a powerful beginner car that is easy to use, but it won’t leave you feeling empty without challenges. This car has enough power to make you feel palpitated when running on paved roads.

Those are the five cars of our choice that are suitable for your toys that have not made remote control cars as mere toys, but as hobbies and lifestyles. Have a nice play!



Some Remote Control Cars For Children

Some Remote Control Cars For Children

Some Remote Control Cars For Children – Car enthusiasts will generally like remote control cars too. This toy is worth considering as a gift, whether for your own children, nieces or friends. On the market itself there are a variety of remote control cars with different models, designs, ways of operation, and so on.

For your convenience, we will explain a few points about how to choose a remote control car for children. We will also provide recommendations for the best remote control cars like JJRC output and others that are worth your consideration. Happy reading this article.

First, we will explain how to choose a remote controller for children. Besides the model, there are other important points for you to pay attention to, such as durability and water resistance. Let’s see more!

Some Remote Control Cars For Children

Check the structure and safety of its use
First, you need to know the security of the structure and material used on the remote control car of your choice. Especially if the toy will be played by small children, check whether there are components that are sharp or easily dislodged. Also make sure your child’s fingers will not be pinched in the gap on the tire.

Select the operation of the controller that is appropriate for the child’s age
Next, check also how to operate the controller. For products that will be used by small children or for the first time playing a remote control car, choose a car that can make simple movements. Products that can be operated simply by pressing a button will be very easily played by children. Meanwhile, handled products are also easy to control intuitively.

Choose products based on the design, the more realistic the more attractive
If your child likes the original car, there is no harm in buying a replica toy car original. Remote control cars whose models are made based on original cars usually have high precision to make it more interesting to play. It also makes toys like this often collected by adults. That way, both father and son can both be happy with a remote control car, right?

Check whether it can be played outdoors
Playing a remote control car in the room is fun like playing gambling online in same fun. However, most parents want their children to also play outdoors.

Is the remote control car waterproof?
The next thing you should think about when you want to play a remote control car outdoors is water. When outside the room, you will find many puddles, for example after rain or splashes from a fountain. Therefore, you also need to check whether the remote control car of your choice is waterproof or not.

Select a product based on the presence or absence of lights and sounds

If you want a remote control car that can be played for hours without getting bored, choose a product that is able to emit light and sound. There are realistic remote control cars that can flash headlights and make sounds, such as horns, engines, and when idle.

Some Tips For Children Who Want RC Toys

Some Tips For Children Who Want RC Toys

Some Tips For Children Who Want RC Toys –

If you want to buy a remote car for your child, then you must pay attention to two choices.

The first is whether your child wants to buy a car that can run by using an electrical circuit and an engine to drive it.

Or the second is an electric car that uses a dynamo with battery power to drive it.

If your child wants to buy a remote car for racing you can buy a remote car that uses an engine with glow engin and a firmer mixture of methanol and nitro.

Some Tips For Children Who Want RC Toys

Now for those of you who want to buy a remote car for my child, there are a few tips you can use to buy RC toys;

The first one chooses the model

Choosing a remote control car model is one thing that is very important. Now there are many different brands of remote control cars with different designs, speeds and sizes that will make you confused. The most popular remote car models themselves are 3 namely, sedans, trucks and buggies.

The second choose the size of the car

Why should we also pay attention to the type of measurement? Because for the size of the details themselves, sometimes the manufacturer explains the type of size with the format that reads 1/16, 1/10, 1/8, 1/5 and others. This size format means that the size comparison of the original car. For example, the size of 1/16 means that this car has a size of 16 smaller than the original car.

The third must determine the type of fuel

In remote control cars there are two types of fuel to be able to drive the road, namely electricity and gasoline. Electric fuel is perfect for you for the first time plunging in the world of this remote control car.

Because besides having a lower price than gasoline-fueled, this type is easier to control too.

Remote cars can also be used for collection

Remote cars are not just for racing but can also be for collections, because there are many kinds of types and shapes of these remote cars.

Not only fast but the types of remote cars are also various – different so that for the collection to be cooler and better.

Collecting remote control toys does require a lot of money because as we all know that remote control toys have a fairly expensive price.

Good design, quality materials, and the ability of each remote control toy that makes the price even more expensive and the uniqueness of each remote control is an added value.

Making remote control a hobby will be very draining and without realizing it will make money run out faster and you need additional work to earn money.

But we highly recommend that you don’t use the money you get from your main job to buy a remote control toy because it will reduce your needs.

To get fast and big money so you can still collect remote control toys, you can get it by playing online gambling.

Online gambling is the best solution with affordable capital, you can get money to collect all the remote control toys you desire.

Online gambling sites at the online Agen Sbobet are the right and best choice to get money, register yourself now and get big money in a fast time.

The First Remote Control Car And Its Kind of Power

The First Remote Control Car And Its Kind of Power

The First Remote Control Car And Its Kind of Power – Are you the first remote control game made, if you don’t know I will give the car what was made for the first time.

In 1966 an Italian company marketed a remote control car game in England, a company called Elettronica Giocattoli invented a 250M model toy car that was made in a ratio of 1: 12.

Dasn the same company and then launched the Ferrari P4 model 2 years later, this second RC car comes with a ratio of 1:10.

And at that time the RC car game became a much sought after game, proof that many countries from Europe imported the toy car, because there were many enthusiasts about RC car toys so that an RC car race was made.

The First Remote Control Car And Its Strength

In 1979, in the City of Geneva, Switzerland, the world’s first RC car race was held on the On-Road Gas World Championship, this race was specifically intended for RC cars with a scale of 1: 8. Noted the winner of this competition is a man named Phil Booth from England with a PB Racing car.

And until now RC car games are much sought after by many countries, especially in Indonesia, many Indonesian citizens from adults to children play this Mobile RC, some for racing and also for hobbies.

Existing Power Types in RC Cars

This RC car is now a toy car for hobbies and collections, but did you know that this Mobile RC has three types of power, what kind of power is there in an RC car. checkdotttt ….

  • Electric RC powered car
    Electric-powered RC cars have the advantage because they can show the highest speed in a short time. Speed control on this type of RC car is done using electrical components. The brake system used is also an electrical component that utilizes a magnetic system.
  • Gasoline-powered RC car
    This type of RC car usually uses a mixture of oil and gasoline. Compared to nitro or electric powered cars, this car is indeed not so fast. However, gasoline-powered RC cars have the advantage of being more efficient and more durable engines.
  • Nitro-powered RC car
    Unlike in electric-powered RC cars, nitro-fueled RC cars require time to show their optimal performance, In addition, the engine on this RC car also tends to heat up quickly. To overcome this, there are air conditioners, and sometimes some use oil.


Looking for a Good Remote Control Toy Car

Looking for a Good Remote Control Toy Car

Looking for a Good Remote Control Toy Car – Usually toys are identical with children, because children like toys, what more boys like robot – robots, motor – motors, toy cars.

But who would have thought there are toy cars for adults nowadays, most adults play remote control cars just for hobbies and while following the community.

Games using this controller are not only favored by children but many adults who like this game, toys that have these controls are used as collections as well as a profitable hobby.

Because, many competitions related to remote cars that can be followed later.

Looking for a Good Remote Control Toy Car

For those of you who are professional or have a good understanding of remote control toys, it is definitely not difficult to find a good toy car and easy to care for.

But what about people who are just starting out and are just getting into the world of remote control hobbies.

Generally, there are obstacles that can result in damage to the car, in addition to negligence, can also be caused by incorrect purchases.

Because of not being careful, what we get is fake or imitation goods that use low-quality materials so that they can be damaged after several times of use, or are too affected by brands and expensive prices so they do not examine the existing components.

As a result, there are some damage related to improper IC installation so that the car has certain problems, such as being unable to walk forward or backward, or not being able to follow the directions of the remote to move to the right or left side.

Tips on buying remote control toy cars

  1. first determine the budget before buying, because if you do not pay attention to our finances and only buy cheap, then get ready – the quality of the goods is definitely not good and there are components that will be damaged.
  2. Customize your character, for those of you who want to buy a remote control toy car you should be able to buy according to your character, if you like adventure drift car type suits you, and if you like big cars then trucks or truggy cars are suitable for you.
  3. Offroad type cars are the choice for those of you who are confused about choosing, because this car is suitable for all terrain, both paved roads and rocky roads with hard terrain. So, suitable for beginners who want to wrestle in remote control car games.
  4. Don’t be fooled by the frills of a cheap price. Be careful when buying a car with this remote controller online, don’t be easily tempted by cheap labels, especially if it says a big discount. It could be fake goods or a fictitious shop and want to commit fraud.

The Biggest and Unique Remote Control Toy

The Biggest and Unique Remote Control Toy

The Biggest and Unique Remote Control Toy – Maybe you already know about remote control toys that are already very popular and are the best choice for kids and adults.

The Biggest and Unique Remote Control Toy

Most people think that RC toys are only intended for children. One big, many adults also like RC toys to be used as collections or hobbies.

Many men have a hobby of collecting RC toys with a variety of sophistication and uniqueness. Of course usually RC toys for adult men will be more expensive because they are designed specifically for hobbies instead of ordinary toys.

Here is the biggest and unique RC toy almost similar to its original shape:

King Tiger Tank

King Tiger Tank

Tank King Tiger is a toy tank that is a quarter the size of the original tank. This tank toy is a toy that is controlled using a remote control. Many advantages to this toy, such as being able to cross the valley, and also shoot.

Laser robot

Laser robot

Laser robot is a remote control robot toy made by Styropyro which features a dangerous artificial heat laser. This toy has not been sold freely on the market, so this toy is still a unique and rare toy.

F-14 Cobra jet

F-14 Cobra jet

This toy is called the Jet F-14 Cobra because it looks the same as the original shape of a fighter jet. This toy jet is a quarter the size of the original jet weighing 18 kg. The flying speed of this jet toy reaches 300 km / h with a remote radius of 5 miles.

Mi-24 Mil helicopter

Mi-24 Mil helicopter is a remote control toy that can fly up to 100 meters in height with a length of 1.3 meters. And another sophistication in this toy is a helicopter can fly with a radius of 1 kilometer from the remote without a barrier.

The toys that are informed above are toys that can become a collection of hobbies. Not for children because their sophistication might be dangerous if played by children. The price of RC toys above also ranges from 4 to 10 million rupiah.

Awesome Remote Control Toys

Awesome Remote Control Toys

Awesome Remote Control Toys -You surely already know about toys that use remote control or commonly abbreviated as RC. Toys that use RC are usually toys such as cars, helicopters, or planes.

Even though we call them toys, they are not only played by children. Many adults also like these toys and are used as collections and hobbies.

Awesome Remote Control Toys

RC toys are usually divided into 2 types, for children and for hobbies. Usually children’s RC toys are not as expensive as RC collected by adults. The quality is also designed differently, usually for adults who have their own sophistication.

For those of you who are hobbies, the following are RC toy models that can make you chuckle:

Nic Case

Nic Case

Nic Case is one of the RC cars that is not a cool or beautiful car, but this product is deliberately made as the fastest RC car whose speed reaches 320 km / hour. Because of its speed, this car has been named the fastest RC car in the world.

Peterbilt 359 bordin Luca

Peterbilt 359 bordin Luca

This RC toy was created by a man who is very fond of American trucks. He created a large peterbilt truck that was equipped with a remote control. This RC truck can carry the burden of a human and also a real sedan car.

Lamborghini Reventon RC

Lamborghini Reventon RC

Lamborghini Reventon is the only RC toy made by an Italian supercar company. This product scale 1: 1 with the original car model. This RC toy is made limited so it becomes a rare toy.

Axial Scx10 Jeep Wrangler

This RC car is perfect for those of you who like adventure because of its models that resemble Jeep or Rubicon. The sturdy design makes this toy able to pass through difficult road terrain conditions such as rocks, sand or snow.

The RC toys that we inform are toys that are suitable for adults who are indeed hobbies in collecting sophisticated RC toys.